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If you use the on-premise Usedesk version on your own server, then URL of your methods will be different. Specify the URL to work with API by contacting our support team -

The Usedesk service API allows you to get information about tickets, clients, agents, groups, and additional fields.

The format of the returned data: JSON.

All requests must be sent to the URL:{method_name}

For example, for the /update/ticket method, the URL for sending requests will be

All requests must be sent to HTTP POST. 


  • 10 requests per second from one IP address
  • 10 requests per minute for search requests

Key generation

To get the API key, you must:

1) Enable API integration in the Integration section:

2) Then go to the Channels section and then to the “Configure API” section.
3) Enter the “Channel Name”. Your API channel will be called so.
4) Fill in the "RedirectURL" field, it will receive requests marked with checkboxes below.
5) Copy the private key and use it in API requests.

List of errors

The status of responses is 200, the response will contain an error code and its description.

111server error
112invalid token,invalid token is sent in the request
113invalid ticket_id, invalid ticket ID is passed or there is no access to this company/token
114invalid message, the message text is not passed, or the text does not contain characters
115access error
116tags must be a string, tags are sent at invalid format
117invalid user_id, invalid user id value
118invalid group_id invalid group id value
119invalid client_id, invalid client id value
120file size is too large, file size exceeds 15 MB
121request limits, request limit exceeded


If you have any questions about using the API — please write to us. We'll help to solve the issue.

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